One comment on “The Ritz-Carlton San Juan, Isla Verde

  1. i stayed there in augsut and it left much to be desired but then again for the location and the price it was understandable . the place had a lil bit of funky smell (muggy?) it was kinda cramped and the towels were a lil icky- (which is why i always bring my own) . but like i said, if all you need is a place to sleep and get dressed it was ok . if you want something nicer and can afford it- the howard johnson’s and el san juan hotel are way more comfortable but like twice the price .. i havent rented a car in isla verde in a long time either but a few years ago i went with Charlie rentals and cant tell you the exact price but i do remember it was affordable and i was pleased .good luck and hope you have a great time!!!

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