Photo/Video Hunt #1

Step One – VISIT a LOBBYMANIA LOBBY. Go to the registration desk and pick up the hotel brochure. If the lobby seating area is not immediately visible, ask the receptionist where you can sit to read the brochure.

Step Two – HUNT FOR and FIND THE POSITION from which the LOBBYMANIA LOBBY was photographed.  (TIP: Print the LOBBYMANIA PHOTO and carry it with you.)

Step Three – CAPTURE A NEW IMAGE of the LOBBYMANIA LOBBY from the SAME POSITION, but with someone you know (and/or yourself) LOUNGING in one of the seats or sofas.

Step Four – SEND US the NEWLY CAPTURED IMAGE (image size range:  30KB – 700KB) along with any information you would like to share about your experiences in obtaining it. We will create a NEW POST using YOUR IMAGE and the information YOU provide.


If you feel a CAPTURED VIDEO better represents your experience HUNTING FOR, FINDING, and then LOUNGING in a LOBBYMANIA LOBBY, we will post your CAPTURED VIDEO instead.

Remember to make sure at least part of your CAPTURED VIDEO (video size range:  15 seconds – 45 seconds) shows the POSITION from which the original LOBBYMANIA PHOTO was photographed.

Thanks. And keep visiting us here at LOBBYMANIA. It’s fun and it’s always FREE!

What is YOUR favorite thing about this lobby?

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