All CAPTURED IMAGES should be somewhere between 30KB and 700KB.

All CAPTURED VIDEOS should be somewhere between 15 seconds and 45 seconds in length.

If your original photos and/or videos are SMALLER, they might be too small for us to use.

If your original photos and/or videos are LARGER, you should try to reduce them before sending them in. We may be able to reduce them for you, but we cannot guarantee the quality of the reduction.

All WRITTEN MATERIAL should include who took the photos/videos as well as who appears in them. If you wish to add a brief history as to the events surrounding your photo/video hunting adventure, that too will appear in the newly created post.

As far as actually sending all this to us, just use your favorite email program and send them to this email address:

If you have any further questions, just use our CONTACT FORM.

Thanks and enjoy LOBBYMANIA. It’s fun and it’s always FREE!

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