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My name is Roger Baronat and I love lobbies. Hotel lobbies, that is. The kind with the comfy seats and the sprawling sofas. You’ll see plenty of them here on LOBBYMANIA.

Small and cozy or large and spacious, most lobbies I’ve seen (and/or “lounged in”) have some quality I can appreciate. (Not to mention “vacations.”) Well now I’ve done it. Went ahead and mentioned “vacations.” Guess there’s no turning back now, is there?

But it’s the plain truth, isn’t it? Just looking at a photo of a hotel lobby will put most people into what I call “vacation mode.” And by “vacation mode” I mean either remembering great past vacations or planning great future ones. If just looking at a photo of a lobby can stir up all those emotions, imagine what “lounging” in that lobby can do.

It can lead to a party, that’s what it can do. And parties can sometimes get a little hectic. But the scene in this painting occurred a long, long time ago.

Few people actually “lounge” in lobbies for any length of time anymore. That’s why, these days, there’s always plenty of room to spread out a newspaper, do a crossword puzzle, read a book or magazine, work on a laptop project, or just lean back and take in the atmosphere. Although, some lobbies still double as lounge bars (or lobby bars) and offer food and drink. After a long day walking around town, even a few minutes in a lobby can do wonders for both mind and body. Snacks and beverages make things even more pleasant when visiting lobbies.

Try it and see. Look over some of the lobbies here on LOBBYMANIA. Share your thoughts about them with us. If you live near one of our lobbies or you are planning a trip to one of our “lobby cities,” why not go for a visit?  Create your own LOBBYMANIA experience. You might even decide to participate in a LOBBYMANIA PHOTO and/or VIDEO HUNT. It’s fun and it’s always FREE!

Either way, you are sure to have a good time here at LOBBYMANIA. Come and visit us often.


What is YOUR favorite thing about this lobby?

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